awt Premium International Collection Service from single source.

The multi-stage awt premium Collection Service was established for the many clients of awt Lawyers with international activities.

With this service, awt Lawyers reproduces the whole collection chain not only domestically but also in many countries in the world. The collection of outstanding receivables is carried out in several phases in accordance with a tried-and-tested escalation procedure.

Phase 1:  Commercial reminder

awt Lawyers generates customers’ dunning letters as a white label solution and sends these in the name of the customer and with its corporate logo. awt Lawyers monitors the receipt of payment after the commercial dunning letter and initiates the collection process immediately should payment goals not be complied with.

Phase 2: awt international work flow

As a second step, the awt collection work flow is implemented. For this purpose, an international department has been set up in which all the work flows are reproduced in the relevant national language. The employees (native-speakers) correspond in the desired languages.

The involvement of our own country accounts, the use of various online payment tools and the possibilities of payment by credit card and SEPA accounts make a successful and rapid collection solution possible.

Phase 3:  International network

awt Lawyers works in the field of international collection together with a worldwide network of partner companies and lawyers, who are specialised in the collection of receivables in the relevant country.  Due to its local presence and a high degree of inter-cultural skill, awt Lawyers together with its local partners involved enhances the probability of success in collecting receivables and reduces the risk of a bad debt in a foreign country.

Should it not be possible to collect outstanding claims in the first phase, the unpaid receivable will be automatically passed to the local partner company without any interruption in the system.  This partner processes the claims with its own distinct and comprehensive work flow specific to the particular country. Phase 3 represents an additional escalation stage in the awt Premium International Collection system and contributes considerably to the successful collection of international receivables.

Everything from a single source:

Irrespective of the phase in which your particular receivable is located, you will receive all information, payment reports and transfers solely from awt Lawyers and always transmitted by the awt system from the same interface.